Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Fire and duct cleaning

These photos show the process of cleaning up after a fire at a local dorm. Our SERVPRO team when into the local dorm after the fire and cleaned up immediately. ... READ MORE

Water damage at local dorm

This is a job that was done in a dormitory at a local university. There was a massive amount of water damage at the local dormitory. Here, the “Before&rdq... READ MORE

Water damage from sump pump

These pictures were taken at a fraternity house from a local university. This “Before” picture shows what can happen when a sump pump explodes. A su... READ MORE

On going cleaning job at factory

SERVPRO does many different types of jobs. SERVPRO does water, storm, mold, and general restoration. SERVPRO also does cleaning jobs. In this instance, the team... READ MORE

Clean up at local dance studio

At this local dance studio, SERVPRO was called to clean up a small mess. This local business had a toilet overflow and SERVPRO was happy to answer the call and ... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Commercial Business

A few months ago, the town of West Plains, Missouri had an unfortunate storm. It caused flooding and severe damage to a wide range of the city and many of the l... READ MORE

Repairing water damage at grocery store in Frankfort, Ky

This photo shows water damage caused by the fire department after a fire broke out. In this case a gas line ruptured on the roof of a local grocery store. Thoug... READ MORE

Demolition of local apartment complex

This was a commercial demolition job at a local Lexington apartment complex. Along with water, mold and fire restoration, SERVPRO also does huge demolition jobs... READ MORE