Photo Gallery

Chamber Lunches

Our SERVPRO team makes time for the community! This is a picture of our Marketing Representative, Renae Sears, attending a Chamber Luncheon this past fall. Events like these give our marketing representatives the opportunity to connect with more people. The Chambers are associations within the community that organize events. It is extremely beneficial to any local business!  

SERVPRO office staff

This is a few members of our wonderful office staff! These girls are a key ingredient to make sure we get our daily jobs done. These SERVPRO team members schedule mold and water jobs, they write estimates, and deal with customers on a daily basis! We don't know what our SERVPRO team would do without these lovely ladies!  

Help during the holidays

This past holiday season, our SERVPRO team did something a little different to help the community! Our Marketing and Sales Representative, Renae, passed out boxes to all of her local agents. The agents would bring in canned goods and toiletries to donate to underprivileged children and families. Then, Renae went and picked the boxes up a few weeks later. She dropped them off at local charities. Our SERVPRO team is always trying to find reasons to help our local community! 

SERVPRO and the Legends

This year, SERVPRO's favorite local baseball team won their tournament! Our good friend, Mike, came by our office to share the trophy with our SERVPRO team! One of the reasons are SERVPRO team is so great, is they get so involved in the community! We are the biggest fans of local teams! 

The SERVPRO family

About this time last year our SERVPRO family moved our office to a new location! This new location has allowed our local SERVPRO team to grow and flourish. One of the reasons SERVPRO is such a great company, is because they grow in such amazing directions! This picture here shows the amount of people that came to the ribbon cutting of our new office. Friends and families of all were invited. Everyone had a great time! 

Award from SERVPRO Convention

Last summer, at the 2018 SERVPRO convention, Jason Phillips won the award for Sales Performance of 2017. One of the reasons SERVPRO does such an exceptional job, is because the people that run the organization take pride in each aspect of the company. The 2017 Sales award shows that our SERVPRO team truly shines! 

Mudslides from Flood

Our SERVPRO Storm Team traveled to Virginia on Monday night responding to some flood damage that took place in the area. This photo of a mudslide is the result of severe water damage in the area. Mudslides are the result of a large amount of water impacting the land, and the result is rapid erosion. 

SERVPRO's Busy Weekend

This is one of our Project Managers who worked over the weekend. Kentucky received a ton of rain last week, which meant a busy weekend was to follow. This Project Manager worked all weekend to insure every job was done correctly! It looks as if this is just the start of the bust season with the summer months to come.  

Red Mold

This is a picture of red mold. As with other types of mold, red mold can come from water that has been sitting. Most mold is discovered after water has been extracted. Although red mold may look different than stereotypical mold, it is not. Most mold will turn red at some point in it's life depending on the age. 

Aftermath of local fire

This picture shows the aftermath of a fire in one of our local neighborhoods. Luckily, the fire only affected a portion of the house. However, it is severe enough that are SERVPRO team has been there everyday to help make the house look as good as new! 

Apartment after a fire

This apartment is as good as new after a fire! Just a few months ago, SERVPRO tackled the aftermath of a fire and were also responsible for the repairs. This apartment is just one of the many examples of how SERVPRO can make a disaster look "Like it never even happened."

Our SERVPRO team hosts a Keeneland tailgate!

Last weekend, our SERVPRO team hosted a customer appreciation party at Keeneland. It was the opening weekend and the weather was perfect. We hope that all of our customers enjoyed our party as much as we did! 

Fire Prevention Festival

This past weekend, SERVPRO went to the Lexington Fire Prevention Festival at Masterson Station Park! A group of the SERVPRO team went out and handed out flyers and candy to the kids that attended. SERVPRO will always show their support for the Lexington Fire Department! 

Clean up at local university

Just recently, a local university had an accident in their basement. In this case, two sump pumps failed and the elevator shaft flooded with water from the bathroom. Thankfully, our SERVPRO team was out there quickly. It took our team a few days to clean and dry the area. But now, the basement is as good as new. Like it never even happened! 

Mold from the aftermath of Harvey

Hurricane Harvey caused some severe damage to the entire area of Houston and surrounding counties. After rain, flooding and water damage, there was bound to be evidence of mold beginning to grow. In this picture, it shows the mold that began to grow on the ceiling and wall of a commercial building.  

Mold from Hurricane

While our SERVPRO team visited Houston, the heavy rain and flooding caused some additional damage. Our team visited some commercial buildings and addressed what happens sometimes after water damage: mold. This is a picture of a cabinet affected by mold. 

Fire damage in local area

This picture shows the aftermath of a truly destructive fire in the local area. The SERVPRO team has been returning to this home daily since the fire happened. The fire affected most of the home and many of the family's belongings are destroyed.

Severe water damage

This picture shows what happens when the water damage is so severe, all of the insulation has to be removed in order for the drying process to begin. This is a picture one of our SERVPRO team mates took in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

Local electrical fire

This photo was taken by one of our SERVPRO members. One of our local residents suffered a terrible fire along their second floor of their home. This is where the fire began. Our SERVPRO team is currently working hard to restore this residents. 

Commercial work near and far

We are faster to any disaster! This is a picture of some of our strongest SERVPRO equipment. Our SERVPRO team is in Houston right now helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, This desiccant dehumidifier is doing some heavy duty work at a commercial business. 

Water Damage from Harvey

This is a picture of a house in the Houston area in Texas. This captures just how high the water level was, and therefore, how much water damage is in that house. It's almost to the ceiling!

SERVPRO is helping Houston

SERVPRO has been in Houston the past few weeks helping out during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The SERVPRO team has been helping residential homes and commercial businesses. Here one of our SERVPRO teammates is in a business we helped! 

The aftermath of Harvey

This is a picture taken by one of our SERVPRO teammates. It shows the true devastation of the houses in residential areas. Our SERVPRO team is there to help in whatever way they can.   

On the way to Harvey

Over a week ago, Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey. Many SERVPRO teams traveled to the area to help in any way they could. This photo was taken by a member of our local SERVPRO team on the way to Houston. 

Mold in Closet

This closet had mold on the walls due to a water line leak. The customer rarely used the closet and was unaware anything had happened. Thankfully, our team was there to help by removing all molded areas. 

Job at a Community Mall

A few months ago, SERVPRO took a call for a job at a local mall. After the firefighters leave, our team is first on the scene. When the fire is put out, there is water damage as well. We are happy to take care of that too! 

Mold after Flooding

This is a building in Louisiana that survived a storm but left heavy mold. The mold on the wall was from flooding after a week. The halfway line you see on the wall was how high the water rose up. 

Water Job at Local Hotel

This is our marketing director, Larry! Last Christmas Eve SERVPRO got called for a water restoration job at a local hotel. SERVPRO is incredibly dependable and is always here to help! 

Basement Mold

This is a recent picture of some mold found in our customers basement. We had some heavy storms that caused various need for restoration in our local area. After the water damage took place in this basement, mold surfaced. 

Kitchen Fire

Last month SERVPRO tackled the restoration of a kitchen fire in a Lexington neighborhood home. This picture shows the room after the firefighters have left. Our team offers technicians specifically trained in fire restoration. 

Mold and Water Damage

Can you imagine coming home to this after some time away? This couple returned after a long vacation to find mold behind their fridge. First we removed the molded materials and then set up drying equipment.  

Drying Job at Local University

This job took place at a local university. When doing a restoration job, it need to be done in the most efficient way possible. That's what these dehumidifiers and air movers are for!  

Lexington Storms

This is the beginning of some severe thunderstorms that took place in late June of this year. Our SERVPRO team was on the job for days trying to restore several places in our local area. 

Local Eye Glass Store

This was from a job last winter. At a local eyeglass store, a pipe busted and SERVPRO was there to start the drying process. It only took three days to get the local store back in business! 

University of Kentucky

Here a sprinkler busted in a building on the University of Kentucky campus. Luckily, our SERVPRO team was there to help with air movers and dehumidifiers to start the drying process and restore any damage. 

Ballet School Flood Columbia, SC

This job took place in Columbia, South Carolina after several days of heavy rain which caused major flooding. This Ballet school had several feet of standing water when we arrived but was as good as new when the job was done!

Flooding in southern Wisconsin

This was the aftermath of the storms in southern Wisconsin. The areas affected the most were Lake Geneva, Kenosha and Trevor. Our dedicated team has been away working for two weeks. 

Smoke and Fire Damage

We are currently doing work on this home with fire and smoke damage. The fire was started in the kitchen and caused damage in the kitchen as well as smoke damage and soot residue throughout the home.

Water Backup into Funeral Home

This Funeral home had water backed up into their basement after a storm with heavy rain. We responded the next day and extracted all of the water and sanitized the area so that business could resume as usual.

Rally for the Cure Golf Scramble

Our own Cylia Damerau had a blast supporting the fight against breast cancer today at the Rally for the Cure golf scramble. It was wonderful spending time with the ladies from Chenault and Hoge Insurance.

Fourth of July

The fourth of July is in just a few more days. Please remember to be diligent if you are celebrating with fireworks this year. Fireworks cause nearly 20,000 house fires each year. Do not let your home be one of them!

Ribbon Cutting

Congrats to Wallace Barber's State Farm office on their Ribbon Cutting! We're glad we could be there! They are a great group of people and we look forward to doing business with them in the future.


Our SERVPRO Vans Onsite for a Job in Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky

When we got the call that a local business had been affected by water damage in downtown Frankfort, we were onsite within the hour. We thought this was a great picture of our bright SERVPRO green trucks parked on Main Street on a beautiful sunny day.

Did you know that we also offer Repair Services?

SERVPRO of Lexington also offers repair services to customers  who have had demo done during the drying process. We have a team of technicians and trusted subcontractors whose main focus is repair work for our customers.

Fire damaged apartments

This photo depicts a badly fire damaged apartment unit the day that we arrived on site. This was one of multiple affected units. We are always ready with the necessary equipment and experience to tackle any disaster, big or small.

Shoutout from Coach Cal!

SERVPRO of Lexington got a personal shout out from University of Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari when were called to help clean and sanitize the Wildcat Coal Lodge on short notice. We love our Wildcats!

SERVPRO of Lexington Group Photo!

These are the faces behind the work that we do everyday! Our hard working employees are what makes what we do possible. We love helping out customers in their time of need.

Water damage at a local Synagogue

This photo shows the water that was several inches deep at a local synagogue. This loss was caused by a broken pipe that caused water to back up into several areas of the building. This picture was taken shortly after we arrived. We got to work and extracted the standing water and are now in the process of making it like it never even happened.

SERVPRO doing work at a local airport

We were called to our local airport to assist when they experienced water damage. We were able to get there quickly and get the situation taken care of. We have the equipment and the experience necessary to handle any water damage big or small.