Water Damage Photo Gallery

Severe water damage

This picture shows what happens when the water damage is so severe, all of the insulation has to be removed in order for the drying process to begin. This is a picture one of our SERVPRO team mates took in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

Water Damage from Harvey

This is a picture of a house in the Houston area in Texas. This captures just how high the water level was, and therefore, how much water damage is in that house. It's almost to the ceiling!

Water Job at Local Hotel

This is our marketing director, Larry! Last Christmas Eve SERVPRO got called for a water restoration job at a local hotel. SERVPRO is incredibly dependable and is always here to help! 

Our SERVPRO Vans Onsite for a Job in Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky

When we got the call that a local business had been affected by water damage in downtown Frankfort, we were onsite within the hour. We thought this was a great picture of our bright SERVPRO green trucks parked on Main Street on a beautiful sunny day.

Water damage at a local Synagogue

This photo shows the water that was several inches deep at a local synagogue. This loss was caused by a broken pipe that caused water to back up into several areas of the building. This picture was taken shortly after we arrived. We got to work and extracted the standing water and are now in the process of making it like it never even happened.

SERVPRO doing work at a local airport

We were called to our local airport to assist when they experienced water damage. We were able to get there quickly and get the situation taken care of. We have the equipment and the experience necessary to handle any water damage big or small.