Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Aftermath of local fire

This picture shows the aftermath of a fire in one of our local neighborhoods. Luckily, the fire only affected a portion of the house. However, it is severe enough that are SERVPRO team has been there everyday to help make the house look as good as new! 

Apartment after a fire

This apartment is as good as new after a fire! Just a few months ago, SERVPRO tackled the aftermath of a fire and were also responsible for the repairs. This apartment is just one of the many examples of how SERVPRO can make a disaster look "Like it never even happened."

Fire Prevention Festival

This past weekend, SERVPRO went to the Lexington Fire Prevention Festival at Masterson Station Park! A group of the SERVPRO team went out and handed out flyers and candy to the kids that attended. SERVPRO will always show their support for the Lexington Fire Department! 

Fire damage in local area

This picture shows the aftermath of a truly destructive fire in the local area. The SERVPRO team has been returning to this home daily since the fire happened. The fire affected most of the home and many of the family's belongings are destroyed.

Local electrical fire

This photo was taken by one of our SERVPRO members. One of our local residents suffered a terrible fire along their second floor of their home. This is where the fire began. Our SERVPRO team is currently working hard to restore this residents. 

Kitchen Fire

Last month SERVPRO tackled the restoration of a kitchen fire in a Lexington neighborhood home. This picture shows the room after the firefighters have left. Our team offers technicians specifically trained in fire restoration. 

Smoke and Fire Damage

We are currently doing work on this home with fire and smoke damage. The fire was started in the kitchen and caused damage in the kitchen as well as smoke damage and soot residue throughout the home.

Fourth of July

The fourth of July is in just a few more days. Please remember to be diligent if you are celebrating with fireworks this year. Fireworks cause nearly 20,000 house fires each year. Do not let your home be one of them!

Fire damaged apartments

This photo depicts a badly fire damaged apartment unit the day that we arrived on site. This was one of multiple affected units. We are always ready with the necessary equipment and experience to tackle any disaster, big or small.