Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Chamber Lunches

Our SERVPRO team makes time for the community! This is a picture of our Marketing Representative, Renae Sears, attending a Chamber Luncheon this past fall. Events like these give our marketing representatives the opportunity to connect with more people. The Chambers are associations within the community that organize events. It is extremely beneficial to any local business!  

SERVPRO office staff

This is a few members of our wonderful office staff! These girls are a key ingredient to make sure we get our daily jobs done. These SERVPRO team members schedule mold and water jobs, they write estimates, and deal with customers on a daily basis! We don't know what our SERVPRO team would do without these lovely ladies!  

Help during the holidays

This past holiday season, our SERVPRO team did something a little different to help the community! Our Marketing and Sales Representative, Renae, passed out boxes to all of her local agents. The agents would bring in canned goods and toiletries to donate to underprivileged children and families. Then, Renae went and picked the boxes up a few weeks later. She dropped them off at local charities. Our SERVPRO team is always trying to find reasons to help our local community! 

SERVPRO and the Legends

This year, SERVPRO's favorite local baseball team won their tournament! Our good friend, Mike, came by our office to share the trophy with our SERVPRO team! One of the reasons are SERVPRO team is so great, is they get so involved in the community! We are the biggest fans of local teams! 

The SERVPRO family

About this time last year our SERVPRO family moved our office to a new location! This new location has allowed our local SERVPRO team to grow and flourish. One of the reasons SERVPRO is such a great company, is because they grow in such amazing directions! This picture here shows the amount of people that came to the ribbon cutting of our new office. Friends and families of all were invited. Everyone had a great time! 

Award from SERVPRO Convention

Last summer, at the 2018 SERVPRO convention, Jason Phillips won the award for Sales Performance of 2017. One of the reasons SERVPRO does such an exceptional job, is because the people that run the organization take pride in each aspect of the company. The 2017 Sales award shows that our SERVPRO team truly shines!